2020 Freebies!!!!

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2020

Who doesn't love free stuff!!!!  Here are our 2020 Freebie Guides to get your business a little more "fine tuned"!!!  

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How to fund your creative business!

Tuesday Talks with Sarina....

Did you miss our LIVE???  If so check out the replay here!

The #1 question I get asked is "How do you find the money to start your creative business?"........and that my friends is a loaded question. 

First and foremost, this blog is not going to talk about how to borrow money, how to take a loan our or how to use a credit card.  These are not practices that we preach nor do we feel like they are a good idea when just starting off. There is a time and place when capital is needed in your business (purchasing a building), but as creatives most of us won't be needing to venture to the scary world of lending anytime soon!

So let's chat about how you can start a "side-hustle" to generate the extra cash you need to take your your business from a hobby to an actually income stream!


This type of business is one of the most expensive to start and to maintain.  There is a constant need to buy more product, more...

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How to deal with competition in your creative business

Tuesday Talks with Sarina...

(Did you miss our live video, check it out here)

This week we are talking about how to deal with competition as a creative business owner.  I know....IT'S HARD!  Everyone is doing what you are doing and the fear that someone is going to do the same thing as you is so hard to overcome, especially when we are passionate with our products or services.

On nearly every corner in America there is a gas station, convenience store, and a pharmacy.  Talk about competition!!!!  But what's interesting about those types of businesses is that they appeal to different people.  Some like CVS over Walgreens, some prefer WAWA to Thorton's, and the list goes on.  There is room for all of them in this market and most of all there is a NEED!  You need to have the mindset in your business that there is a NEED and you can fulfill that need. 

In all of my business startups, I have always asked myself "What problem will I solve?", that...

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