Let's Get Serious About Growing Your Creative Business

Are you ready to grow and scale your creative business into multiple streams of revenue? I'm ready to help you build the online business of your dreams. Why wait until tomorrow to build what you want today?!?

Can We Work Together? Can I Help You Change Your Business?
Let's Build Something Amazing

We're Committed To Your Success! With THREE Programs Unlike Any Other.  Are You Willing To Show Up & Do The Work?

The key components of growing a successful creative business is constancy, content, confidence and community. The Creator's Nook Coaching & Mentor program is small and mighty but it has also proven to be highly successful!  

Tired of spending time "figuring things out"?

Our program focuses on 4 key elements that are key to growth and success:

  • Consistency: Building a plan and sticking to it.

  • Content: Access to the tools you need to build multiple streams and weekly trainings to keep you always in the know!

  • Community: Learning from your peers,  collaborations to grow and an Annual retreat to bring it all together in person!

  •  Confidence: Mindset is 80% of success.  Success needs confidence, it's the fuel to drive.

Each and every week Sarina is there to guide you, build your confidence and give you the tools to succeed. It's up to you to implement!

Who is the Creator's Nook for?

We know we're not designed for everyone.  So who can we help?

  • You desire multiple streams of revenue!
  • You WANT it!  You want more, you want a profitable business not a hobby!
  • You lack an over all plan and are willing to ask for guidance on where to go next!
  • You're a self starter!
  • You're willing to show up everyday and do the work!
  • You're willing to be an active member if the community, collaborate and share. 
  • You have the willingness to embrace change, technology and scaling.
  • You desire to build a brand not just sell a product or service.

If you're not willing to show up everyday, lack motivation to move forward, have a victim mindset, or expecting someone else to do your work, the Creator's Nook is NOT for you.  


What Our Members Experience EVERY month

Here is just a sampling of what we provide our members every month!

  • Monthly action book with your guide to grow and scale for the season we are in.
  • Canva templates for social media content, videos, email and prompts. 
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions.
  • Weekly live power hour sessions to get you the tools you need to succeed. 
  • Monthly Zoom group coaching calls.
  • Monthly Zoom networking/open studio.
  • Collaborative community of creative movers and shakers!
  • Daily accountability posts.
  • Monthly live mindset calls. 
  • Access to Masterclasses that tackle multiple streams of revenue.

With a 94% retention rate over the past 15 months, our program has proven to be effective and converting.  You need to invest in your business in order to grow your business. 


Programs designed to grow your business and most of all grow WITH your business!

There comes a time in every business that you need MORE!  We have a program just to help build traffic via Pinterest, a program that is a full blown mid level coaching/mentoring program (The Nook) and of course we have our Mastermind that is designed to take your ALREADY profitable business and make it even more profitable by scaling what you already have!

Side Hustle Academy (formerly The Pin Society)

$9 Month

Let's Grow Your Side Hustle Dreams!

So you love to make, you love to create but you have no idea how to turn that into a side biz or maybe you tried and you're struggling to make the sales, reach your audience or build a brand?  As creatives we make shit that people didn't know they needed. Right?!?!?  Think about it!  Not all creatives have the tools or knowledge to turn their passion into a side biz!  Let's get you the tools and knowledge you need to make your dreams come to life!

  • Weekly Social Media Marketing Plan w/ Templates.
  • Weekly Get You Started Trainings!
  • Tips & Tricks To Grow!
  • Community of Like Minded Side Hustlers!
  • Collaborations to Grow!
  • Special Guests To Keep Moving!

This is a monthly membership designed to build and grow your creative side hustle!


The Creator's Nook

$47 Month

Grow Into Multiple Streams of Revenue

The Creator's Nook is a mid-level coaching program for creatives who desire to have more than one stream of revenue.  Our program focuses on our 5 stream model which includes course creation, memberships, passive income, affiliate revenue and online retails/sales.  The Nook is most ideal for the creative who is generating income of some type. There is a $297 startup fee which gets you immediate access to all of our masterclass trainings an signature courses.

  • For online creative business owners (we're a not a start up coaching group, you need to have a source of income from your business).
  • Monthly action book & templates to keep you moving.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions.
  • Weekly Power Hour Trainings (tools, software, strategies).
  • Immediate access to masterclass trainings, courses, previous action books, content swipe files etc.
  • Private community for collaborations.
  • Access to The Pin Society.

The Creative's Mastermind

$497 Month

Scale Your Multiple Streams of Revenue

The Mastermind is a high-level platform designed to super-charge your business.  With the collaboration of a powerful community, an action plan and accountability, the group can take you to infinity and beyond!  The Mastermind is currently full, however you are welcome to get on our waitlist.  Creator Nook members are given priority to Mastermind openings. 

  • Must have 2+ streams of revenue.
  • Requires 6 month commitment.
  • 2 in person mastermind weekends annually are also required at the expense of our members. 
  • One-on-One action calls (every 60 days)
  • Action Plan and resources to implement.
  • Weekly office hours.
  • Monthly community mastermind zoom calls. 
  • Limited to 12 participants for 2023 session.
Hey Buttercup!

Welcome Creatives

I'm so excited that you've stumbled upon us, I'm Sarina and I can't wait to love on you!

I'm assuming you have come to learn more about me, my mentor programs, and my courses.  I love helping creatives build amazing business online through multiple streams of revenue.  My mentor/coaching programs are refined, small, and incredibly successful. We're not just another "coaching" group, we pride ourselves on creating a results driven mentorship, in a small and intimate environment.

Take a look around at our programs & courses and if you have any questions or need to chat, you can reach out to me via email or DM. 

I hope that you will join us on your journey, we would make a GREAT TEAM!

Much Love,



Courses Designed For Creative By A Creative!

Not everyone needs a coach, some just need tools!  While all our courses are included with the Creator's Nook membership, we know that a membership is not what some need!  So take a look at what we have and let's get you some wins!

Canva Masterclass $47

Take control of your content creation and management with Canva!


e-Mail Marketing $47

Level up your email marketing game!  You need more than just social media!


Membership Masterclass $97

Everything you need to know to turn your passion into a recurring stream of revenue!


Passive Income $47

What if in 5 days you could launch a course or other stream of passive revenue?