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Let's dream, plan and implement to take your passion and make it profitable!

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 Coaching To Take Your Creative Business To The Next Level & Turn Your Passion Into Profit!

 Multiple streams of revenue are king inside any business and/or brand. But as creatives we have the talent, resources, and audience to turn our passion into making and creating into a mini empire.  How are you building this mini empire? Which streams are right for you?  Do you have the tools to implement?  

What's Included In The 4 Week Coaching Program?

  • Private Facebook group that will help you collaborate, implement and most of all build community.
  • 20+ Recorded Training Sessions To Help You:
    • Develop a plan for your creative business that will take you well into 2023!
    •  How to build the "RIGHT" audience for your streams of revenue.
    • Tools to grow passive, affiliate, and ad revenue.
    • How to monetize social media.
    • How to build & launch a course or challenge.
    • How to start a PAID Facebook group!
    • Develop & launch a membership or subscription based program!
  • 4 interactive "Think Tank" coaching sessions to see your business in a new way and spark new ideas!
  • Open studio collaborate zoom sessions with LeaAnne (our awesome community manager). 
  • Weekly Live or Zoom sessions with Sarina to get you the answers you need to keep implementing.  
  • eBooks, Templates, Tips & Tricks all month long!
  • Special guest power panel night "Bringing Multiple Streams of Revenue To Life".
  • Access to all content through the dashboard until August 15, 2022! Had to skip a day?  No problem, it's all on replay!

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(there's no catch...that's for fishing!) 



Let's do this!!! It's only $1!!

Multiple Streams of Revenue!

On average our members have 4 streams of revenue inside their creative businesses.  It's always so fun watching them add another and seeing those wins.  How are you using social media to grow your streams?

Hi!  I'm Sarina...

Since 2001 I've had the pleasure of working with Tampa Bay's most inspiring small businesses and their families in the financial planning industry.  But since 1998 I've also been a creative business owner.  I launched my first membership in 2000 and was also part of a team in 2004 that was responsible for growing a successful non-profit in Central Florida, that still exists today.  I've also owned and SOLD three creative product based businesses my first in 2007, my second in 2018 and the last in 2020.  It's always been a running joke in my family that I build to sell! But the reality is I know how to scale to sell and I know how to scale to create something that will leave a legacy.  I never imagine my legacy would be coaching and mentoring other creatives to turn their creative passions into profit! I'm the founder and head coach behind The Creator's Nook and The Creative Entrepreneur Mastermind, two small and mighty coaching platforms that is home to some of the most influential and successful creatives.  I'd love to name names, but what happens in the Nook and Mastermind is highly confidential!  I love what I do and it shows inside our successful community where wins are an everyday event.  I look forward to spending 4 weeks inspiring you to build your mini empire, see you in the group!