Have you ever wondered how you can take your creative passion and turn it into passive forms of income?  The kind of income that you earn while you sleep!!!  (It's possible I promise).

Do you teach the same things over and over and it's getting old? Or have no idea where to start or how you turn your knowledge into workshops or tutorials?  Let us help you get it out of your mind and into some revenue!

We can show you HOW to do it in our upcoming workshop!  In this Masterclass we will show you how you can take your passion, record it and sell it over and over again!

We will also tackle the branding of your course, how to write effective copy, and how to create ads that CONVERT (we know because we use these strategies). You could literally have a workshop scheduled and ready to launch THIS YEAR!

Don’t wait any longer!  We can teach you how to create, launch, and sell your ideas to earn passive income from doing what you love!


*Access to all 9 Modules

*Masterclass Workbook (36 pages)

*Masterclass Notebook

*Sarina's Almost Free Launch Plan

*21 Day Launch Schedule


ALL FOR $47!!!!

Teach It Once, Sell It Over & Over!

Meet Your Hosts!

Sarina Corea, Creative Entrepreneur

You may know Sarina from The Social Divas or one of her other creative empires.  She will be your host of this awesome workshop as she walks you through step by step of how she turned her $5 Paint Club into a well oiled passive stream of revenue! Sarina loves showing creatives how to take their creative passions and think outside the box to build streams of revenue through various forms of social media and learning to embrace and love technology. 

Chelly Ontis, Creative Branding Expert

Chelly has been the sole force behind branding and building her creative business as well as working with some of the industry leaders.  She is an expert and branding digital products & courses and will be helping you bring your branding game up a notch!  Needing to get your creative business organized?  Chelly has created a planner that is made by a creative for a creative, check it out!

Belinda Weaver, Copywrite Matters

Without powerful copy for your workshop or course its just that....a course.  Belinda is the master at creating powerful copy that converts!  She will be joining our workshop to guide you through the process of how you too can capture your audience and convert them to sales!  Check out Belinda's amazing courses that are designed to help you get the most out of your copy!!!  Let's face it your brand or ads are nothing unless you have great copy! 

Laurel Portie, Facebook Ads Strategist

Billions of dollars a year are wasted on ads to mis-targeted audiences!  However, a properly placed ad or event can be an incredible way to build brand awareness, leads, and sales.  Laurel will be here to show you how a properly placed ad can make it break it! Her ads strategies have been proven to convert and we know because we have used them over and over!!!  

What's Stopping You?

Six years ago, my paint partner and I launched our first online workshop. Since that time, I have taught over 40 evergreen workshops/tutorials and have over 13,000 course enrollments! This stream of revenue in my business was one that I didn't really plan for, it just happened. The more I served my community through teaching my creative abilities the more they wanted. I have been able to create a mini empire of passive income and know it’s totally doable for just about any creative business (well really any business). You just need the right tools to make it all happen!   What’s stopping you from starting NOW? Let’s do this!


Reviews from our previous trainings, groups and workshops....

"Hi, everyone! Wow! What an incredible workshop! So much information! I wanted to drop in here today to give a huge thank you to my mentor, Sarina Correa Safford. I joined the Social Divas Mastermind almost a year ago. The things I have learned and implemented have made a huge impact in my business. These are things that I couldn’t find anywhere else without signing up for multiple courses and groups and spending a TON of money! Everything is right there, at your fingertips. And is Step by actionable Step! Let me tell you, that if you’re looking for a mentor and an incredible and supportive community, please stop looking! You’ve found us! "

Sparkled At Heart

"Hello everyone! I want to say a big thank you to Teri Buchanan Burton and Sarina Correa Safford for this pop up workshop! Something magical happened for me, I had about 30 legitimate friend requests, and I sent out several as well. I’ve only had 1 live sale and watching how easy it was for Teri and her group I’m looking forward to many more! Also looking forward to collaborating with the people I’ve connected with. All the tools you need are here for you to succeed but like they said you have to put in the work... these ladies and this community can help you get there!"

Willows Wanderings

"Thank you to Teri Buchanan Burton, Sarina Correa Safford, and Shawnissy L Callegari for all the work and heart they put into this workshop. For those of you who may be sitting on a fence, allow me to invite you to jump. I’m a jewelry maker, but I’m also called to help those who are in need and those who have no shelter. Sarina has helped me pivot to form a plan that incorporates both. If you’re wondering about the where/how/what to do to start—you’ve found the place. "

Little Hippie Chick Collections

"Thank you Sarina Correa Safford & Teri Buchanan Burton. These 2 ladies have changed my life forever. I wouldn't be where I am today with out them!!! Shawnissy L Callegari is always right there on the line to help also. You don't see her much but she is right there to help you! If you haven't decided to be in The Nook you're missing out. If you do what she tells you, you will succeed. But you must listen & do the work. I'm a prime example. Sarina hands you everything to make a great business. Sarina is so organized and her modules are right on point. You have a question? You don't have to wait hours or days for an answer. I have never waited over 5 mins if even that long to get my questions answered. Can you believe that? Well it's true they are a very great team. I've paid many many $ for other groups for years now. I just didn't get it. I joined just and In 4 months my life has been changed. Sarina's training is so simple to follow. I'm not a computer person at all. But I'm getting there thanks to Sarina and the community. "

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