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Are you ready to get your business online and build an audience that BUYS?  Can you really afford to push it off another few months???  Or even until next year?
  • Community Support & Cultivation of Ideas & Private VIP Facebook Group.
  • 30+Curated Posts & Stock Images to use for your Social Platforms..EACH MONTH! 
  • Weekly Power Hour Sessions to teach you all the HOWS!!!
  • Monthly Zoom Networking Sessions!
  • Monthly Zoom Breakout Coaching Sessions!
  • Weekly challenges (with giveaways). 
  • Get instant access to the tools you need to start selling on Facebook Live, How to optimize your Pages, Setting up Shopify, Pinterest, Etsy, IG, TikTok, Video Editing and more!
  • Access to our signature 9 week course THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE OF ONLINE SALES! Let's build Etsy, Shopify, and Pinterest into a powerhouse sales machine!
  • The Nook is a SMALL & MIGHTY mentor & coaching group.  If you are looking to be a number or be one of 2000, THIS IS NOT the group for you!  

    All For Just $47 A Month! 



What if you had access to the tools your need to grow your social media & customer base for a third of the cost as that trip to Hobby Lobby? Ohh and then when you get home from Hobby Lobby those items sit in a bag on your dining room table for several weeks not making you a single penny!!! (Trust us we know...been there....done that....do it often). We know that investing in a coach is a BIG STEP... but the reality is, it's just a small price for something that can offer big results if you just put in a little work!!!

Are you tired of being in coaching groups with thousands and not getting the help you need to keep moving forward?

(it's like the blind leading the blind in some of those groups...)

Do you feel like you WANT it BAD but just don't know how to "efficiently" make it happen?

We can help you every step of the way and we have made it happen for hundreds of creatives just like you! 

We understand your business because we have walked in your shoes!  We are not a community of coaches that just talk the walk, we are doing the walk everyday! 

Inside the Creator's Nook we want to show you how to build your creative business step by step and through multiple streams of revenue!

  • You have a creative business and you want more from it!
  • You are making money, but lack a solid foundation and have no idea how to turn it into multiple streams of revenue. 
  • You have FB and IG and lack content to keep your pages active while you work on your products!
  • You are trying to do LIVES but they are getting no traction and no sales!
  • You would like to build an Etsy, Shopify or other online platform to sell your goods or services.  (Don't worry we have all the step by step tutorials to get you there).
  • You desire a community that you can collaborate with and really get the help you need and support you deserve. 
  • You are tired of just being a NUMBER in large coaching groups. 
If any of these sound like you... we have your back.  Together we have owned SIX successful creative businesses!  We kind of know a thing or two!

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The Creator's Nook by The Social Divas is the best kept secret in the creative community. It's a small and tight knit community of creatives looking to grow their online business. It's the starting point on how to take your hobby and turn it into a "real" business. We know that the idea of social media, technology and all the legal stuff makes your head spin. Inside the NOOK you will have the tools and training you need each and every month to get it "GOING"! We teach you the HOW... not just the WHY!
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COMING IN MAY 2021!!!!

Our next masterclass is getting ready to rollout in May! We can't wait to teach you the art of batch creating, pricing and tackling the wholesale markets!
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