What's your plan for 4th quarter sales? (We sure hope you're not banking on fall shows & markets to make it rain).

Are you sitting there at your computer each day wondering how you sell on social?

Are you at a complete loss on how you can actually make money selling live? (Or are you scared to death??)

The creative powerhouse duo is here to save the day.  Teri Burton, from the Robins Nest has created a little mini empire with her Paint to Profit membership, unique designs, patterns and 10 streams of revenue.  Her business coach and mentor, Sarina Correa from The Social Divas has helped her find her streams of revenue, build the platforms and helped her boost her sales through Facebook lives making upwards of $6000 in an hour!! WHAT?!?!  HOW???


This course is everything that we covered in our 4 day workshop "4th Quarter Rescue".  That group has been archived but you can still get all the trainings and recourses right here! 

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Who's This Course For?

Listen....if you have a product you can sell it live!!! No seriously you can as long as it's legal!

Home Decor Artists, Wreath Makers, Sign Makers, Door Hanger Makers, Jewelry Artists, Handcrafted Artists, Fiber & Fabric Arts, Artists (all mediums), Boutique & Brick & Mortar Owners, Direct Sales Consultants (MLM), and so many more.....

What's Included!!!

Training & Tools Needed To Make iIt Happen

Videos Covering....

  • Basics of Going Live
  • Building An Audience/Building a Runway.
  • Tips & Tricks of Going Live
  • Technology Behind a Live Video
  • Marketing Your Live Sale
  • What's Selling in 2020
  • Comment Sold Demo


  • Live E-Book/Workbook
  • 50 Ideas To Go Live
  • How To Go Live
  • Tip For a Successful Live
  • All Things Tech To Go Live
  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • Timeline of a Live Video
  • What To Do After A Live Video
  • Almost Free Marketing Plan For your LIVE SALE!!



LET'S SELL LIVE!! Only $19

Meet Teri Burton Buchanan

Teri is the face behind the Robins Nest & Paint to Profit (membership).  She has been well known in the home decor and sign industry for over 20 years.  She has been able to turn her love of painting outside the box into a 6 figure a year business with over 10 streams of revenue.  She also discovered a few years ago that teaching was her passion and today she teaches creatives how to take the smallest item...paint it and turn it into big profits!

Meet Sarina Correa

By day she is a Financial Planer and by night Sarina is the founder of Pixie Dust Paint Company, The Shabby Divas Paint Club, The Social Divas and the Creator's Nook.  To date she has owed 6 creative business (including a famed brick & mortar), has 5 monetized groups, 3 membership groups, and has coached hundreds of small business owners and creatives to build amazing online businesses with multiple streams of revenue. Like Teri, she loves seeing other creatives make their way and change their life one step at a time!

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Don't wait until October when all your shows have cancelled to figure out how to sell live!!! Get started today and build your audience to have an amazing 4th Quarter!!!


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Looking forward to sharing an online business world thats makes you feel supported & no longer alone.